1. Blake and the Twitter girl: Real or Not Real?

    So because my dash is flooded with all this drama about this girl “ellie” who is making all these people online go nuts at the thought that BG has a girl…. I decided to debunk these claims and photos. Its obvious the pics are photoshopped then instagram’d… so all it takes is the wonderful world of google to either prove or disprove something. it literally took me 3 minutes to figure this out for you girls (i know this bc in the time it took to pop a bag of pop corn i found the photos above LOL and God trust i wouldnt have wasted my time if it took any longer)… So the good news is everyone can calm their tits because its pretty apparent now that some one was just trying to cause a ruckus and troll the BG fans who watch his @mentions. the  REAL girl in the photos is actually a model named rachel, the “ellie” girl doesnt exist, and now we can restore order into this world. 

    Youre Welcome. 

    ps.. if you’re still skeptical and you have access to instagram you can see who the girl in the photos REALLY is and that she has no affiliation to BG and you can find the original photos that are unaltered and definitely dont contain Blake lol…. instagram user name: rachel_metz

    Blake Griffin

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